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The American Aversion to Speedos

August 22, 2013 9:16 am Category: Fashion, Lifestyle A+ / A-

Lifestyle11According to, American men prefer board shorts over Speedos so much, that you would almost think they have a deep fear of the tiny swimsuit.

Considering Speedos appeared so heavily in the most recent Olympics, American’s don’t seem to have embraced the trend nearly as much as Europeans or Australians and instead have been covering themselves in oversized board shorts, which a Californian lifeguard says puts them at risk in the water.

There are several factors as to why US men are reluctant to step away from the board short, with reasons such as ‘wearing Speedos makes you look foreign’, but more often than not the reason for shying away from the Speedo is ‘fear of being over exposed’.

However, with women it’s the opposite. Today, ladies wear more revealing swimwear than ever. Bikinis are getting smaller and G-strings appear barely there, proving that not all Americans are afraid of their beach fashion.

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